Kitchen Meditations

Last night’s Indian-themed class in Footscray was all about focus, communication, camaraderie and fun. Andrew has arranged many a class in the past, and last night’s was very special.

kitchen meditations 1:

The raised preparation area gave a natural auditorium effect to the proceedings, and made for easy access and observation.

kitchen meditations 2:

Everyone was very enthusiastic and used their considerable kitchen skills to bring our cooking adventure to it’s grand culinary consummation. The feast yielded some of the best flavours I have ever tasted.

The piquant Granny Smith apple chutney was especially memorable – too hot to bear, but too sweet to resist, a hint of sourness with aromatic cinnamon and nutmeg overtones, and rich caramelised sweetness giving way to the fire from mouth-stinging dried red and fresh green chilis.

kitchen meditations 3:

As a gracious host, and to facilitate smooth flow, Andrew spent a great deal of the time in the pot-washing room in true humble kitchen assistant style. A splendid night, one of my best for a long time. Many thanks to Andrew for making it all possible.
Posted by Kurma on 12/5/07; 8:18:22 AM

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