Kitchen Marathon Part Two – There’s Prasadam in Them Thar Hills

Sunday was the highpoint – so far – of my 4-part kitchen marathon. I catered for (as opposed to taught) a group of 36 adults and over 20 kids in Darlington, in the hilly outskirts of the coastal plains outside Perth.


Sue and Cedric were regular attendees at my home classes for years. The last time I cooked with them was two years ago at their old home in another beautiful rural setting outside Perth. Sue was pregnant at the time.

Yesterday’s event was to celebrate the very short life of that child in her womb. Little Brin passed away during childbirth. Since then Sue has given birth to another child, a girl named Mair (pronounced Maya), and the event was to also introduce her to all their friends and well-wishers.

I was honoured to be asked to cook for them, and tried to put a lot of love into the cooking. I received a great deal of praise for the feast from just about everyone, so my early morning kitchen austerities must have paid off.

Sorry, no pictures again. Apart from Cedric’s Mum cutting the enormous fruit salad, I single-handedly cooked the multi-course spread myself, and had no time to scratch or blink, what to speak of reach for my camera.

Today I filled yet another shopping trolley of groceries for tomorrow’s event – a hands-on team building cooking class and lunch for a group of professionals from a Western Australian Government Health Department.
Posted by Kurma on 19/3/07; 4:04:23 PM

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