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I just received a letter from N in Sydney, who wrote:

“Could you please advise what kitchen ware and cooking appliances you think are essential and most energy efficient for a single person living on a restrictive budget and small kitchen space.”

pots and pans:

I replied: Hello N, Here is a list of what I would consider minimum kitchen essentials for a single man.

Kitchen Essentials

Small and medium saucepans, plus large pasta saucepan
Wooden cutting board
Three knives – small paring, good quality chef’s knife and bread knife
Two or three wooden spoons
Two or three small/medium bowls
Tea towels
A single-handed steel wok
Quality non-stick frying pan
Asian-style granite mortar and pestle
One stainless steel whisk
One seive
One medium collander
Citrus juicer
Vegetable/fruit peeler
One set measuring cups
One set measuring spoons
Metal vegie/cheese grater
Stainless steel tongs
Metal spoon with holes for frying
One wooden rolling pin
Potato masher
One heat-proof, wide plastic spatula compatible with non-stick frypans
1-litre plastic measuring jug
Rice Cooker
Food Processor
Dinner set – plates, cups, cutlery, glasses etc
Few rolls paper towels

Hope this helps. Best wishes, Kurma
Posted by Kurma on 20/12/07; 7:22:49 AM

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