I Pack, Therefore I Am

It’s time for me to pack my bags again, a task that has become a well-honed art. Travelling is now a regular event in my life, and it has become almost second nature. Last year I packed and unpacked over 75 times.

get packing:

Here’s some tips:

Invest in top quality luggage. Your investment will pay off, especially if you travel often. I still like Samsonite hard shell, though they seem to have gotten less strong over the years.

Check beforehand any weight restrictions with your airline(s) and pack accordingly. Especially pay heed to flights with multiple carriers. Paying for excess baggage is a very disappointing way to start a journey.

Make a plan – write a list, and carry it in your hand luggage when you fly. A packing list eliminates the panic of last minute packing chaos, serves as a handy guide for repacking at the end of the trip, and can be beneficial in the unfortunate event of lost or stolen luggage.

When planning your clothing choice, consider the events you will participate in both day and night and write down the clothes you will need for each activity. Cross check this list to determine if one piece can cover multiple occasions.

Check the season/weather forecast of the destination(s) and plan accordingly.

Always wear or carry some warm clothing for the flight. It sometimes can get quite cold up there, especially on long-haul flights. You can always peel off layers.

Plan to carry a pen in a easily-accessible place in your hand luggage, and make sure it’s on your person when you sit in your allotted seat. When you have to fill in landing documentation, and you’re sitting in a window seat with no pen, it’s very inconvenient squeezing past other passengers to rustle through stuffed overhead lockers.

Pack a tiny notebook along with your pen to jot down things that come mind and need to be recalled after your flight.

Pack earplugs for some serious inflight resting, if they work for you.

Some time before you depart, set aside the pieces you intend to bring and ensure that they are clean and ready to be packed.

Be aware that in a number of countries there are now security restrictions on the amount of liquids that passengers can carry in your hand luggage.

Iron everything before placing it in the suitcase. If it goes in crisp and clean, odds are more in its favor of coming out the same. Button all buttons and zip all zippers.

Learn to fold. Practice folding like they do in clothing stores – they use that method for a reason. The better the fold, the fewer the creases. All garments can be folded in many different ways, an some can be rolled.

The interlocking method of folding clothes is ideal for suitcases. Overlap two pieces of clothing flat and then fold them into each other so that each piece cushions the other to aid in defying wrinkles.

Always pack tightly. Packing loosely wastes precious space and causes clothes to wrinkle. Eliminate wasted space, such as the insides of shoes, which are perfect for socks or underwear.

Always carry travel documents, keys and other valuables in your carry-on luggage. Items such as these should never be packed in checked luggage.

Label each piece of luggage, both inside and out, with your name and telephone number, but not your home address.

Unpack as completely as possible as soon as you get to the destination. When repacking, remember that balled-up, dirty laundry takes more space than carefully folded clothes, so repack your used clothing identically to your original packing method.
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