Hey Little Badi!

Laura from Melbourne asks:

“I haven’t been able to buy Badi – used in your Vrindavana Stew recipe so I thought I would have a go at making it from your brief description in the recipe book – and it turned out ok, just a bit crumbly and not quite as I expected. Can you give me a little more detailed ingredients/instructions and maybe a picture to let me know what it’s supposed to look like? By the way – Vrindavana Stew is a winner in my family :)”

Kurma replies:

“Hello Laura. Indian grocers have them but they invariably call them so many different regional names. The Kashmiri badis, or vadis, or varian, or warian, look like golf ball-sized brown jagged rocks and need smashing with a hammer.

The mung bean (moong dal) badis/vadis/mangodis, etc., are smaller and daintier in size, like larger-than-life chocolate bits for baking, except yellow-brown and made from dal.

Here’s a photo of homemade moong dal vadis meant for baking. The split moong (split mung beans) was soaked then drained and ground (with no water added) in a food processor along with salt pepper and chili, then piped out with a piping bag into tiny little mounds on non-stick baking paper.

moong dal vadis:

Traditionally they are then sun-dried, but since you live in Melbourne (!!) they can be baked till very very hard and crisp like little rocks in a long overnight slow oven.

Then you fry them and add juicy things and other spices and vegetables like in my recipe, and stew slowly to reconstitute them. Hope this helps, Kurma”
Posted by Kurma on 23/6/07; 8:46:26 AM

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