Here’s One I Made Earlier

I’m flying home to Perth in a few hours. I had a great three-day break here in Melbourne. I’ve been so busy enjoying the events that I haven’t had time to process my 100+ photos into a blog.

So…here’s one I made earlier:

Helena from Nambour, Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia writes:

thick as a brick:

Dear Kurma, could you please supply a recipe for making bread, using besan flour. I use a Panasonic Bread Maker.

My reply:

Hello Helena. Besan flour (ground chana dal or chickpeas) contains no gluten, and is specifically used for batters, savoury pancakes, thin roti breads, light soups called karhi, fried spicy dumplings, and even fudge-like sweets.

However, it is definitely not suitable for the bread-making machine. It will make a heavy sticky inedible brick. Hope this sheds some light. Best wishes, Kurma.
Posted by Kurma on 5/9/07; 5:26:27 PM

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