Good Morning Tennessee!


My weekend was spent teaching – a great class of 20, down South of Perth. My camera was playing up – no pictures – so you’ll just have to take my word for it.

I must say that I really enjoy opening my in-box to reveal the swathe of daily mail. Today was no exception. Here’s a couple of letters:

“I just found your web site tonight. I was googling “curry leaf” and you were the guy who popped up. I am just beginning to learn about Indian cooking. I spent over two hours today in the local Indian Market. I love travel as much as you do. I have read much of your web site this evening. I put you on my toolbar. Please keep writing! Regards,Karen Bacon Barnett, (wannabe world chef), Johnson City, Tennessee, USA


Dear Kurma, I just wanted to thank you for the very good influence you were in my early life. I first came across you when I was at university and going to the temple on the weekends. I thought that your manner of speaking about your faith was so refreshing, having been brought up in a fairly narrow-minded and joyless Protestant environment.

I remember learning a lot about Krishna through the temple and was really blown away the last time I was back in NZ to be approached by a young devotee on the street in Masterton who offered me a cook book. I was in the middle of telling him about how I had been very moved and inspired by a Hare Krishna chef, years ago, when I realised that your photo was on the back of the book he was showing me!

I still have the book, and it is great to see that you are still giving people such good, life-changing advice… A lot of time has gone by and many things in my life have changed but I will always thank the Lord for the spiritual and healthful goodness that came into my life through your work and influence. L. W., Melbourne, Australia
Posted by Kurma on 26/11/07; 12:21:14 PM

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