Ginger Skin

baby ginger:

GB from Los Angeles, Calfornia asks:

“Is the skin of the ginger rhizome eatable?”

My reply:

Yes, as long as you clean it nicely. With new season, baby (young) ginger, (pictured above) the skin is so thin you can scrape it off easily with your finger, like a new potato. You’ll hardly notice it’s there if you leave the skin on when cooking. It’s fabulous fresh and thinly sliced as a condiment – very mild.

The older ginger (it’s older because it’s left in the ground longer) has a tough skin (and a hotter mouth-feel) so you might want to scrape it off with a knife. The skin is technically eatable, but a bit rough in the mouth. Note that, according to Ayurveda, the most nutritious part of the ginger is just under the skin, so scrape it off rather than deep peel. Ok?
Posted by Kurma on 19/8/07; 7:02:09 AM

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