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I’m still down South of Western Australia, teaching my weekend cookery course. We cooked all morning, had a banquet lunch, and I just had an Ayurvedic Head Massage. Life is tough.

No actual report yet, but… “Here’s one I prepared earlier”.

fenugreek seeds:

Carolyn from Brisbane, Australia, asks:

“If I can’t get hold of Fenugreek, is there another spice that I could use instead to achieve a similiar result? Thanks a lot.”

My reply:

Thanks for your enquiry.

Well, the lovely warm, burnt sugar/maple/caramel flavour of fenugreek is hard to replace. Generally it is used in small amounts (apart from middle eastern hilbeh-style sauces made primarily from it), so it’s effect is subtle. There is nothing I know of that would substitute, so just leave it out.

Having said that I would suggest that a trek to the nearest Indian shop (who would 100% have it) or well-stocked asian shop (almost for sure would have it) is well worth it. Once you have some fenugreek in the cupboard, it never goes off and will serve you well. Wonderful in soups and curries and SO SO good for the stomach. And it makes wonderful healthy sprouts.

More on fenugreek…
Posted by Kurma on 28/7/07; 8:48:31 PM

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