‘Dhoodh, Where’s my Recipe?’


Sankarsan from Sofia, Bulgaria writes:

“Dear Kurma I have a question. I have opened a restaurant in Sofia, Bulgaria. Your books are guide for me…One costumer asked me if I know how to make a ‘dhoodh’. I never heard this before. In Yamuna’s cook book I saw that this means milk. Do you know anything about it? How to prepare, some recipes, some details?

My reply:

My response to people who ask me such questions is: ‘Tell me more details of the recipe you are referring to.’ Put the responsibility back on them to explain. Get them to describe to you what they are talking about.

Dhoodh is the Hindi name for milk, yes. Maybe they are confused and thinking of something else, like dhoodh pak, for instance (a sweet made with milk).

If they actually do just want a recipe for hot milk (garam dhoodh), tell them all the different things you can add, like cardamom, saffron, turmeric, nutmeg, sliced pistachios, almonds etc, plus, of course, a little sugar. Hope this helps.
Posted by Kurma on 27/12/07; 10:02:31 AM

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