Here’s some information on fruit juice made from ‘concentrates’ (read the label). Fruit juice concentrates are made by taking a fruit juice, heating it to a very high temperature and evaporating off the water. This leaves a thick syrup that’s a small proportion of the original volume (as low as 12% with oranges). This makes it cheaper to ship (less weight).

When the drums of concentrated juice arrive at their destination, water is added back to restore the juice to its original volume. And things called ‘add-backs’ like citrus peel extracts are added back to give the juice a ‘fresh’ aroma. The sole reason for concentrating juice is to save money, on both storage and shipping costs.

Here’s some more concentrated juice facts:

1. Quality

The process that concentrates juice is really harsh. And because it’s so harsh, there’s no point using the best fruit when you’re doing it. So concentrate manufacturers simply use their lowest quality fruits and juices when they’re making them.

2. Taste

It’s pretty obvious that concentrating a juice will make it taste worse. Typically it’ll taste ‘cooked’. If you taste concentrated vs fresh juice, you’ll tell the difference.

3. Nutrition

Excess heat = less nutritional goodness. The heat kills the good stuff.

Conclusion: Fresh is best!
Posted by Kurma on 18/7/07; 9:48:42 AM

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