Changing Bodies

My young niece, Lan-Tien Zhang, has been transferring my father’s vast old photo collection to digital media.

Here’s a good example of a changing body. This vivacious, golden-haired lad, aged 18, was en route to his first (and only) dance in 1970.

changing body:

Where is that boy’s body? It’s gone. What remains is a different body, since all the cells have been replaced a number of times since youth.

What to speak of the soul leaving the body at death and transmigrating, the soul actually transmigrates every moment, since the body is continuously changing from babyhood to boyhood to youth to old age.

But the “I” remains the same. Think about it.

Yes, that was my real hair. Gone forever. Or at least for this life.
Posted by Kurma on 5/1/07; 5:30:46 AM

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