Cable Guy

I’ve arrived in Athens for a couple of weeks of ‘R and Wr’ – Reading and Writing – and a bit of chilling out. I’ve always wanted to see Greece, and even though it’s winter, the weather is still mild enough to do a bit of looking around.

cable guy:

You haven’t heard from me for a few days because I left my ethernet connection back in Perth. My hosts haven’t got one, so I couldn’t get online to edit my blog pages.

Athens underground:

I’m staying in Ambelokipi, in the city’s west. This morning I headed downtown from the local underground station in Panormou to a large computer store in Syntagma, and picked up the missing cable. And here I am, back on the blog.


I’ll try to tap into some local food culture and history while I’m here. I took this photo of a vendor of simitia, the much-loved ring-shaped breakfast breads.
Posted by Kurma on 10/1/07; 4:41:12 AM

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