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I’m back in Perth. My little herb garden is looking healthy.

herb garden:

There’s two types of parsley, lemon basil, basil mint, regular basil, spearmint, lemongrass, kaffir lime, ginger, three types of chilies, sorrel, amaranth, a young bay leaf tree and two curry leaf plants, all in pots on my tiny verandah.

lemon basil:

I had a friend water them every day in my absence. Just as well; apparently we had a couple of 42 degree Celcius days.

curry leaf:

I’m ready for a marathon of six cookery classes starting this weekend – some at my place, some at a cookery school, and the rest at private homes.

So it’s ‘final menu fine-tuning, shopping lists, equipment lists, and shopping ahoy’. Bring it on!
Posted by Kurma on 14/3/07; 10:04:39 AM

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