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I’m back in Australia, unpacking and preparing myself for a busy cookery and teaching year.

If you’ve just tuned in to this virtual diary of mine and you’re finding it ‘smashing’, remember that it started in June 2005, so there’s loads of stuff to read in the realm of ‘back blogs’.

a little less conversation and a bit more action:

There’s only enough space for 20 days entries at a time on this side of the page. To read ‘back issues’, go to the calendar on the top right (or bottom) of this page and click on earlier dates this month, or click on the previous month and work backwards as you choose. There’s over 20 months worth.

And don’t forget, the search facility of this blog can be utilised by typing in key words into the SEARCH box.

I would like eventually to facilitate easier access to my blog archives. Just trying to figure out how to do it.

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Posted by Kurma on 23/1/07; 7:14:23 AM

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