At the Movies: ‘The Art of all Work’

at the movies:

Several weeks ago I was contacted by an old acquaintance, Richard Leigh. Richard was hired to assist on the set of my last ‘Cooking with Kurma’ TV series, filmed ten years ago in Carlton, Melbourne.

on the set of 'Cooking with Kurma':

Although he washed pots as the cameras rolled, Richard has since shed his yellow rubber gloves and gone on to do bigger and better things; he is a filmaker, and also the Facilitator/Producer of the Campfire Online Short Film Festival, a not-for-profit film festival exploring matters of faith, religion and spirituality.

Richard asked me if I would be interested in watching the August selection, picking my favourite, and writing a launch piece/review. I agreed, and enjoyed the stimulating challenge.

Watch the 3-minute film “Carousel” then scroll down and read my review entitled ‘The Art of all Work’. Tell me what you think.
Posted by Kurma on 23/8/07; 6:57:07 AM

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