(At Least) Forty Minutes of Fame

I opened up a newspaper on the flight from Melbourne to Perth and my eyes fell upon this article. Here it is, and its electronic link.

Melbourne’s Age Newpaper had this to say about yesterday’s Moomba Parade

Moomba Shows its Colours as it Steps Out with Fun in Mind

“For a while it seemed the Hare Krishnas might have peaked too early. {note from Kurma: I decided to start the kirtan early, since we were all just standing around}.

As the Moomba parade sputtered to life yesterday, more than 2000 participants waited nervously under grey skies.

In their orange best, the Krishnas chanted ecstatically, dancing and clinking finger-bells — still half an hour before go time. Just happy, perhaps, to be doing their thing in the middle of Swanston Street.

Posted by Kurma on 13/3/07; 6:12:13 PM

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