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Matthew is a friend, and regular attendee at my Sydney classes. He sent me these extra pictures of yesterday’s cooking event at Govinda’s.

kevin stirs the malpouras:

One of our only five male attendees out of twenty-three, Kevin (above, stirring in the anise doughnuts through the strawberry yogurt) looked after our milk as it came to the boil in preparation for it being turned into our fresh panir cheese. The cheese was especially tender and ‘squeaky’ due to the fact that we chose unhomogenised rather than regular off-the-supermarket-shelf milk. It really made a difference.

fresh panir:

Here I am (with my gigantic head – oh, how I dislike photos of myself) slicing samples of the fresh cheese to be drizzled with olive oil, freshly-squeezed lemon, cracked black pepper and Maldon salt for a spontaneous group-tasting.

cheese sampling:

Our youngest attendee Zuni, (below) aged 11, is a budding chef. She received some quick poori-frying lessons from me, and soon got the hang of it. Between herself and my daughter Joelene, pictured right, (back to camera, sorry Joelene), they cooked some of the puffiest and best-looking poories I have seen in a while.

poories a'puffing:

More pictures in yesterday’s blog.
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