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I’m in Melbourne, catching up on some rest; travelling and teaching is tiring.

Saturday’s cooking event at Cooking Co-ordinates in Australia’s National Capital, Canberra went exceptionally well, and we really ‘packed ’em in”. We had 41 attendees. This photo is deceptive – they’re not all in this shot; some were seated on the side of my cookery arena.

Capital Cooking:

I was amazed to discover that over a third of them came because of reading an article published in the Canberra Times the week before.

Here’s an exerpt:

“As a young journalist with a Melbourne newspaper, I took one of the city’s notoriously picky food critics to Gopal’s. We were catching a tram downtown for lunch, and he was shocked to hear my destination was, as he sniffily put it, “the Hare Krishna canteen”. Was I so broke I couldn’t afford a nice camembert and salad bagel in an upmarket sandwich bar? He offered to shout me lunch, obviously out of pity that my options had sunk so low, and I dared him to put his prejudices on hold and join me.

He’d expected a plonk-it-on-your-plate curry ‘n rice joint, with a chewy pappadum on the side, washed down with weak, milky tea. Instead, he was contemplating a well-presented choice of spicy dhals, Indian breads, samosas, vegetables in yoghurt or tomato sauces and desserts flavoured with pistachio and powdered cardamom. Who on earth did the cooking, he asked. As usual, it was the big bloke with glasses. “Whoever he is, he’s bloody good,” was the critic’s verdict, before ducking back into the lunch queue for seconds….”

Aw gee shucks … it makes me go all warm and tingly.

Read the whole article….
Posted by Kurma on 21/10/07; 4:52:32 PM

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