All Warm and Tingly

I received a couple of concerned emails this morning, the gist of which was: ‘we haven’t seen any blogs for a few days – is everything ok?’

That made me feel all warm and tingly. It’s nice to know that there are people out there who care. It also means I have to ‘publish, be damned’ even when it seems there is not much to say. Not publish any old rubbish, of course. But it seems my readers are interested in what I do.

Last night I held a dinner party/cookery class at the home of Jess (pictured below, left. No, not that picture…) in Perth’s suburb of Wembley. Just round the corner at Subiaco Oval, 60,000 football fans were roaring like wild beasts as Collingwood won the epic semi-final.

men in shorts:

I’m not a footie fan, and I only found out about the match from the taxi driver who dropped me at my cooking venue. He was no sports fan either. He chuckled at my description of ‘leaping men wearing shorts that ride up so tight it keeps the left and right hemispheres of the their brains separate’.

Night at Jess's:

Here’s our group relaxing around the dinner table. We had fun cooking in Jess’s Art Deco kitchen. It was a very late night, and after unpacking I got to bed at 1.00 am this morning.

It’s now close to 8.00am, I’ve been up for four hours and I’m half way through setting up for another class at my place this morning. More on that tomorrow.
Posted by Kurma on 15/9/07; 9:57:40 AM

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