A Night in Mansfield

As promised: some vision from my final class of this cookery tour, in Victoria’s High Country.

Here’s the news, outside the Mansfield General Store. ‘Under the influence of what?’, you may ask. Well, in this case it’s ‘under the influence of Kurma’.

coming attraction:

Ash is ready to enjoy the fruits of our evening labour.

ready to feast:

Our evening repast certainly does look appetizing, yes?

mansfield dinner:

‘Romantic’ lighting made it a challenge to capture the photo opportunities, but here we are, seated at Mansfield’s longest vego banquet table ever.

Mansfield's longest vego banquet table:

And that winds it up for travelling and cooking interstate until next year. I hope to see you in a kitchen somewhere, sometime!
Posted by Kurma on 27/10/07; 7:19:36 AM

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