A Day at the Ashram, Kath and Kim, and My Great Vow

Saturday I held my second scheduled class of my culinary tour of Australia. The venue: Bhakti Vedanta Ashram in Kilburn, South Australia, which is none other than the spacious Hare Krishna Temple, Yoga Studio and Restaurant complex.

Here’s our crew of 18 eager attendees sitting down to a spectacular feast. It was all cooked with great love and devotion by us all, and was a memorable adventure.

say asafetooooooeeda:

In a moment of fun I asked everyone to ‘say asafetooooooeeda’ while posing for the shot. Hence some strange Kath-and-Kim-inspired mid-vowel facial expressions.

The exhaustion of travelling hit me after the class concluded yesterday, so I was unable to fulfil my Great Cyber Vow of publishing an article every single day on my blog. I sat down on a very comfy chair in my room after being on my feet for 14 hours, and was immediately transported to the deepest regions of sleep. I managed to wake a bit later and crawl to my bed.

I awoke refreshed this morning, then attended the beautiful pre-dawn meditations and chanting called Mangala Aratrika. After that I gave an extemporaneous discourse on a single verse from the great 18,000 verse Sanskrit classic Srimad Bhagavatam. A very, very interesting subject. The verses are spoken on in chronological order, day by day, and it was quite by chance that this sloka was today’s topic.

If you have an open mind, and wish to read the topic of today’s discussion, click here. I must say I had a bit of a chuckle at the Divine Sense of Humour of He who chose this verse for me to speak on. You may not get the drift of that allusion if you don’t know me.

So now I’m pretty much un-jetlagged and ready for a day of catch-up with my mail, sending out some stray shopping lists to hosts in forthcoming Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast venues, then attending the feast and festival downstairs in the temple this afternoon, as well as leading a discussion group on Bhakti Yoga later in the evening.

So, on with the show!
Posted by Kurma on 6/5/07; 10:59:46 AM

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