A Day at Mount Elikon

It was my desire to see a bit of rural Greece before heading back to Australia. I finally got that opportunity. Yesterday I took a train North to the city of Livadia near Mount Parnassosis.

The mists were still hanging low over the hills as we entered the region.


The area is rich in archaeological places, such as Heronia, Orhomenos, Thiva (pronounced almost like Shiva) and Delphi, one of the most important of the five oracles of Ancient times, and home of Hellenistic Astrology.


Livadia is situated right in the centre of Greece. It’s a pretty place, with lovely icy cold streams that rush down from the mountain and are channelled into waterfalls and waterwheels that meander through the town.


A specialty of the region is a variety of tiropitakia (cheese pie) that resembles baklava.

local tiropitakia:

Instead of nuts and sugar in between the layers of filo, there is feta cheese and butter. Very interesting. I’ll have to try making some. Watch out for it in a future cookbook.
Posted by Kurma on 21/1/07; 4:48:26 AM

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