Here’s a recent email dialogue I had with P.N from Queensland:

“Why do you have a link to the “{name withheld}” Cooking School on your

training options?”

Because I teach there. Or at least I did last year, and MAYBE this year or next year. If not I will disconnect the link.

“The cooking class descriptions of that cooking school tell you how to

prepare meat dishes and looking at the menu online, it contains very few

vegetarian options (and I know that some vegetarians wouldn’t enter an

establishment that sells any meat products at all).”

Well, all (100%) of the cookery schools at which I teach cook meat. Almost every home in which I teach cooks meat. Almost all the students who attend my classes eat meat. The world is awash with meat! What’s a vegetarian chef to do. Teach!!!

If I don’t extend myself and go to such places, how will people ever learn an alternative way of eating?

“Also, do you have any advice on how to stop family members bringing

meat products (such as take aways) into the house without causing


That’s a tough one P. I really can only suggest you impress on them, lovingly but firmly, that it causes you distress. Then if they continue, what can be done? Tolerance is the only recourse.

I recently had direct personal experience of this identical scenario. Sometimes it was very disturbing. But amidst all the commotion, we should know for sure that all things change, nothing stays the same. The disturbances of this world come and go, and in the mean time, we must learn the subtle, delicate and sometimes very difficult art of forbearance.
Posted by Kurma on 29/3/07; 6:00:41 AM

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