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December 2007
King of Fruits

Australian Culture
Pasteurization? No Thank You!
Omega-3 Fatty Acids – Something Fishy?
Kurma Quiz: True or False
Quinoa – a Cure for ‘Bloggers Block’
Answer to Kurma Quiz
Thus Spake Zarathustra
Coals to Newcastle
Vegi Links
Kurma the Cookie Monster
Maim Not the Brute Beasts…
Non-grain Flours
Vienna Vegetable Orchestra
Play it Again, Kurma
Australians Vote with Their Tongues
Kitchen Confidential
Quote of the Week
Away in a Manger – The Gangotri Affair
Apple Strudel
A Vegetarian Christmas
One More Menu Planning Day ’til Christmas
Merry Krishnas and a Hare New Year
Santa Coke
Fifty Five, Not Out
Salt and Breadmaking
‘Dhoodh, Where’s my Recipe?’
Far Out, Mung Bean Sprout
The SEARCH Box Rules!
Living Dangerously
Last Tango in Western Australia
Signing Off for 2007

November 2007
In Safe Hands
A Fond Farewell 
Blessings from Sri Mayapur – The Passing Away of Nirguna 
The Dirt on Mother Ganges 
South Indian Breakfast 
A Trip to Navadvip
Last Day in Sri Mayapur
Where’s Kurma?
And Today’s News… 
A Week in Puri, Part One
Here’s Some I Prepared Earlier 
A Week in Puri, Part Two
Storing Spices
Buy Nothing Day
Kurma and the Bandwidth Thieves
Letter of Appreciation
A Sad Day on Sesame Street
Good Morning Tennessee! 
Patra Bhajia   

October 2007
Sak – Divine Spinach 
I Pack, Therefore I Am 
Today at Govinda’s
And Furthermore…
The Return of Grandpa Kurma
Erina Fair
World Wide Cooking School
Parrots on the Bottlebrush, Duck Under the Table
“Over Hill, Over Dale…”
Pumpkin Pie
Getting Co-ordinated
All Warm & Tingly
The Muffin Man
Getting High
A Night in Mansfield

September 2007
Aw Gee! No Glee from Vanaspati, & Ghee Argie-Bargie
Monosodium Glutamate – Veg/Vegan Friendly?
Eastward Ho!
Saturday Lunch with Kurma
Here’s One I Made Earlier
Gulab Jamuns, Potato Puffs and My Vow of Silence
Memory Lane
Geography Test
Blog High Jump

All Warm and Tingly
Jowar and Rajgira
Rosy Hopes: Reading Nature’s Books
Condaleesa’s Diary
Squeaky Clean
The Boy Who Lived Before
Who is that Girl with Krishna?
Kurminos Pizza
Foxy Lady
Banana Halava
Snowed Under
Recipe Cards
Lobster Soup Nonsense
Vegetarian Apostles
The Long and Winding Road
Scoring Goals

August 2007
Oats and Coeliac Disease
Thoughts on Shambo the Bull

What is Asafetida?
Oscar the Cat
Walks on the Path of Devotion
Ethics Test
Brain Cleaner
Another Famous Riposte
The Art of Academic Writing
Bengali Wedding Rice

How to Write More Better
Visit South India with Kripamoya Dasa
Kheer for 250 Guests
Aye, the Bonny Pipes are Calling
Dialogue on Vegetarians, Dogs, and Non-veg Dog Food
Chickpea Masala without Onions

Who Let the Dogs Out?
“And Now, a Woid from our Sponsor…”
Cooking Season
Irving the Jewish Dog
In Memoriam: The Passing Away of My Friend Vrsa
More from the Seniors Portal
Land of Milk and Honey
The Politics of a Turnip
The Mystery of the Bishop’s Weed
Ginger Skin
‘Tis the Season to be Jolly
The Animal Diaries
At the Movies: ‘The Art of all Work’
The Clown of God
Warm Foods for Cool Days
Vegetarianism, Ponies and Anorexia Nervosa
Bad News from Canada
Good News from Iraq
Eclipsing the Full Moon
Ring! Ring! Hare Krishna!
Black Salt & Boxing Gloves
More Perspectives on Ayurveda

July 2007
Tomato Rice
Eating Out in Tokyo
Aspiring Fullness
The Parking Spot
Beans – The World’s Most Effective Cough Cure
Seniors Portal
Be Soft and Strong soft
Rye oh Rye!
Twenty Virtues
Thinkers Anonymous
Keep Those Cards and Letters Rolling In
The Big Question
Moment of Full Consciousness
Classes in Kurma’s Kitchen, Perth, August-September 2007
Top of the Charts
Vegetarian World Food Cooking Retreat with Kurma Dasa
These Are a Few of my Favourite Things…
Kitchen Containment Policy
Kitchen Guru
Kurma DVD
The Dental Appointment
The Long Arm of the Law
Eating, Sleeping, Meating and Defending
Crying over Labeled Milk
Mango Ice Cream
Carbon Footprints
It’s a Man Thing
Preserved Lemons
Shambo Lives!
Little Stevia Wonder
Onions and Garlic
Vegetarianism and Weight Loss
Zero Calories, Same Great Risks
Radio Krishna
Hello … Is Anybody Out There?
Down South
Fenny the Greek
Animal Bones and Sugar
Sacrificial Calves
My Mullalyup Weekend


June 2007
The Hard News on Soft Drinks
Thanks for Your Patience and Support
Desert Days
Animal Rights, Vegetarianism and Karma-free Living, Part One
Animal Rights, Vegetarianism and Karma-free Living, Part Two
Kurma Curry
Whey To Go

Dairy Life: A Vegan View, and My Response

Saturday Night Fever
Palak Panir

To Nuke or Not To Nuke…?
An Open Letter to the Dalai Lama
What the Dalai Lama Ate for Dinner
The Wiggles

Feedback on vegetarianism and buddhism
Homemade Buttermilk
Hey Little Badi!
Pregnancy, Iron and a Vegetarian Diet
Cakes, Cakes, Cakes…
That Hare Krishna Taste
A Day at Govinda’s
Karma-Free Cookery
Letter from London  


May 2007
Kurma’s Australia-wide Culinary Teaching Tour May-June 2007
Was Hitler Really a Vegetarian?
Morialta, The Black Boys & Berry Cheesecake
A Day at the Ashram, Kath and Kim, and My Great Vow
Kurma on Parade
Cottage Cheese Report from Minneapolis
Do Not Adjust Your Set
Girls’ Night Out
The Ganesh Mandala Experience
Dinner at Norwood
Kitchen Meditations
‘The Old Cheese’
Night of the Vegan(s)
Purusottama Masa
Anti-Depression – A Walk in the Park
A Night with Lauren and Ronnie
Roaming Free in Northern New South Wales
The Best Laid Plans…
No News is Good News
Thank You
Sarah Esther Gordon, 18 June 1927 – 24 May 2007
Sarah Esther (Essie) Gordon Funeral Notice
One Hundred Hours Meditation
The Ultimate Beneficiary
Moving On
Barwon, Part One
Kurma Kids
Barwon, Part Two

 April 2007
Pick the Asana
Cooking at Home
Humane Killing?
Nineteen Thousand Days
Happy Easter
More Bang for Your Bucks
Food Additives Linked to Child Aggression
Easter in the Kitchen
Fat Cancer
Universal Justice
The Big Hare Krishna Family
The Kalonji, Nigella, Black Cumin, Black Sesame, Love-in-a-Mist & Onion Seeds Mystery
Curry Fruits
How Fat is Your Country?
The Secret
You Are Not Your Body
The Fine Print
Stray Pride
Vegetarian World Food Cooking Retreat with Kurma Dasa
Homemade Non-Dairy Yogurt
Inaction in Action
Terrible Truth
More Satisfied Customers
Are Vegetarians Smarter?

Hello, Cupcake!


March 2007
Kurma’s Australia-wide Culinary Teaching Tour May-June 2007
The Glories of Bananas

More Bad News about Garlic
A Few Glimpses…
The Morning After
Pasteurization? No Thank You!
The Real KFC
In Memoriam
Recommended Reading
Books, Books, Books
A Walk Down Memory Lane
Moomba 2007
(At Least) Forty Minutes of Fame
Back Home
Australian Culture
Carrot Cake
Fired up for Four in a Row
Kitchen Marathon Part One
Kitchen Marathon Part Two – There’s Prasadkiam in Them Thar Hills
Kitchen Marathon Part Three – A Day in Maylands
Kitchen Marathon Part Four – A Night in Cottesloe
Scones, anyone?
Practice What You Preach
Lunch at Kurma’s
Coals to Newcastle
The Taste One Never Forgets
Hell, No! We Won’t Go!
Wonderful Bitter Melon


February 2007
My Early Days
My Early Days, Part 2
Durum Flour vs Semolina
“To Ghee, or Not to Ghee, That is the Question”
My Early Days, Part 3
Peacock Feathers – Darwin’s Nightmare
My Early Days, Part 4
Has Anybody Seen Ray?
My Early Days, Part 5
Sourdough Rye Bread
Where Are They Now?
Don’t Cry
My Early Days, Part 6
Coconut Oil
My Early Days, Conclusion
Religion You Can Drink
“And the Words of the Prophet are Written on the Subway Walls…”
Thus Spake…
Polyoxyethylene Sorbitan Tristearate…
The Genius of Sincerity
Rumour Has it…
Non-Dairy Sources of Calcium
Don’t Call Us, We’ll Call You
Think About it…
A Day at Steve’s
Kurma Curry


January 2007
Digging Deep
A Good Breakfast
The Krishna Meal
More on Microwaves
Kurma Dasa’s Perth Cooking Classes 2007
Changing Bodies
Cable Guy
I’ve arrived
Beyond the Pale
Of Empires Past
Does Curry Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease?
Greek Sweets, and the Birth of a Recipe
Making Cheese – Ask Kurma
Looking for Horta
What is That Taste?
The Many Faces of Halva
Mahlepi Revisited
The Sanctuary of Poseidon
A Day at Mount Elikon
Back blogs
Little Lamb
The Sweet Lure
Pink & Saucy
Mobile Phones Linked to Brain Tumours
The Murky World of High-Fructose Corn Syrup
Alta Cucina Vegetariana
Cutting Boards – Wooden or Plastic?

Life and Travel

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