I’m resting in a beautiful temple on a mountain overlooking Zagreb. My sojourn in Turkey was what they call a whirlwind tour, and the dust is just settling. I needed some serious recuperation after four days of non-stop action that culminated in a no-sleep night from Istanbul-Ljubljana-Zagreb.


Today the rain thunders down as the sun peeps out through angry clouds hanging low over the Croatian horizon. Plans are afoot to take a drive to some nice fruit and vegetable markets, have a shiatsu massage, visit a vegetarian eatery run by friends, and generally take it easy. No more cookery classes are planned for this tour.

I have cancelled my Italan leg of teaching. Effectively this gives me a month extra time to tend to personal things at home including the ill-health of my parents. October I commence my Australian touring/teaching.

Looking forward to coming to a kitchen near you!
Posted by Kurma on 29/8/06; 2:29:40 PM

Life and Travel

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