What’s for Lunch?

You know it’s a quiet day when you publish a blog like this. Nevertheless, it’s my party, and I’ll cry if I want to. This is a real letter.

S A from Reservoir, Melbourne asks:

“What did you have for lunch today?”

Kurma answers:

Your letter was very timely. I just finished cooking. Here’s a picture.


I combined, in my rice cooker, 1 cup Basmati rice, 1 teaspoon Spanish picante smoked paprika, a sprinkle turmeric, one large fresh green Peruvian aji chili from my garden, some large chunks of sweet potato (white variety) also freshly dug from the garden, some broccoli florets (not from the garden), a little fresh tomato puree, some just-picked yellow and green squash from my friend Trevor’s organic market garden down the road, a crackling of fresh cracked pepper, a smidge of salt, a generous dribble of Bertoli organic olive oil, a trace of raw sugar and 2 cups water.

I closed the rice cooker and pressed ‘on’. Easy peasy lunch.
Posted by Kurma on 17/4/06; 7:29:37 AM

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