Weathering the Storm Ahead

You may have heard about severe disruptions to flights in and out of UK airports due to the latest terrorist threats. No hand luggage is allowed on any flight through UK, and passengers can expect long delays in UK airports.

I’m transiting Heathrow on my way to Slovenia this Sunday/Monday. I will have to even buy some new luggage today as I will have to pack everything as hold luggage, even my laptop. Passengers are only allowed their tickets and travel documents plus essential medicines – nothing else. And all must be placed in a clear plastic bag or carried – no handbags of any kind, no liquids, nothing in pockets.

This is all quite unique in the history of aviation, and means severe disruptions until further notice. I’m bracing myself for missed connections, and I’ve informed my onward hosts that I just may not be on the flight I was supposed to be on. I won’t even be able to have my mobile phone to inform them.

Let’s see what unfolds.
Posted by Kurma on 12/8/06; 1:37:57 PM

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