“Vegetarian World Food” at Townsville

My first class of three in Townsville was a resounding success. The venue was an intimate one – the front row of 16 attendees were seated at arm’s reach around the demonstration table.

the gang at Townsville:

This was our menu.

Orange, Currant and Pecan-studded Canadian Wild Rice & Basmati Pilaf
Malaysian Vegetable-stuffed Flaky Curry Puffs
Succulent & Spicy Eggplant Pickles
Seared Chili Panir Steaks with Sweet Potato Mash & Rocket Salad
Lemon-infused Dubai-style Salad of Fresh Dates, Toasted Turkish Bread, Hazelnuts, Bitter Greens, Fresh Herbs & Feta
Fruits with Hot, Sour and Sweet Peanut, Lime & Tamarind Dipping Sauce (Rujak Manis)

Here’s some feedback, sent to me bright and early this morning from Fiona (pictured, second from left, above).

‘Just had to let you know how inspiring your class was Kurma. My favourite things were watching you make cheese WOW, the eggplant pickles, that amazing salad, and straight from heaven I’m sure came the Hot and Sweet Dipping Sauce for tropical fruits. Oh and the amazing side effect of asafetida powder – what a gas! Thanks for the inspiration. Cheers.’

rujak manis:

More fun tonight.
Posted by Kurma on 31/5/06; 10:20:38 AM

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