Touchdown Durban

My flight from London was held up due to baggage problems, and I missed my Johannesburg-Durban connection. After some providential encounters with friendly ground staff and some hefty porters that had me running from the international to the domestic terminals, I made it! I’m here in Durban, the largest city in KwaZulu-Natal, the kingdom of the Zulus.

My residence for the next 11 days is at the Hare Krishna Temple of Understanding, which is situated just south of Durban centre, on Bhaktivedanta Swami Circle, in the predominantly Indian area of Chatsworth.

durban temple of understanding:

Official Durban Website says of this place:

“An awe-inspiring edifice exuding architectural opulence, the amazing Sri Sri Radhanath Temple of Understanding in Chatsworth, which is designed in the shape of a Lotus plant, took two years to build in the 1980’s. It is believed to be the biggest Hare Krishna temple in Africa.

It has gold-tinted windows, and inside the floors are made from imported Italian marble. There are imported chinese chandeliers, gold-plated rooftops and elaborate laser drawings. Lord Krishna’s pastimes are represented in vibrant, enormous panels on the ceiling. You can also visit Govinda’s, the pure vegetarian restaurant and snack bar, open from 11 am daily. It all makes for a fascinating visit.”

You’ll hear from me tomorrow. Time to rest and get myself into shape for the start of my Kitchen Safari.
Posted by Kurma on 24/7/06; 10:16:35 PM

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