Today in Fitzroy


Inner suburban Fitzroy is home to Melbourne’s bohemian culture. An edgy mix of alternative, artistic and trendy elements, it has a fascinating collection of young designer and retro clothes shops, bookshops, galleries, cafes and restaurants, and a vibrant nightlife.

Eschewing the fashions and the night life, my mission today (should I choose to accept it) is to present a class at the home of Steven and Johanna.

We’re starting early – at 10.00am – and we (myself, my hosts and 8 guests) will cook a feast, and have it ready for a relaxed Sunday luncheon. So I’ll need to be there by 8.00am for an early set-up. It’s 3.35am, I’m up for some early morning chanting, my spiritual life-line.

Then I’m packing up my spices, my apron and my kitchen shoes and heading off.

More news as it breaks.
Posted by Kurma on 5/11/06; 3:35:43 AM

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