Thatched & Dispatched

Thatch 1:

The house that is my ‘home away from home’ for the next ten days is warm and snug, despite the near-freezing overnight temperatures outside. I’m settling in well, and rested better than I have done for the last few weeks. Travelling can be SO tiring and disorienting, so a good night’s rest is quite important.

This building is roofed with a South African grass called Cape Thatch. Apparently during the hot summer the breathing quality of this material can maintain a daytime temperature many degrees lower that non-breathing products. Wetting the roof yields an even more effective ‘evaporative cool’ effect.

Thatch 2:

In these cold winter nights African Thatch has greater insulation properties, keeping the warm air inside. It looks attractive, it’s environmentally friendly and it’s harvested from a renewable resource.

thatched high roof:

Here is a view from inside the kitchen, with Gladys the maid preparing breakfast as the winter sun blazes through the windows. The high ceilings give a fresh, airy spaciousness.
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