Tertiary and Further Education

Our TAFE (Tertiary and Further Education) class at Holmesglen College went well.

Here’s Jean-Pierre, Clayton and Miranda doing a ‘public service trio performance’ on the batter for our Lebanese orange-and-rose-scented syrup-dipped doughnuts.


Our first tasting, brunch in fact, was Harira, a vegetarian version of a favourite thick soup that features prominently on the menu during the Muslim month of Ramadan, where it is consumed with great gusto every night to break the fast. My vegetarian version was redolent with lentils, chickpeas, pepper and saffron, and was made meaty with the addition of chewy chunks of fried panir cheese.


Your’s truly fries the mock crab cakes.


The Thai cucumber relish was a delightful hot sweet salty sour and cooling melange of flavour and texture – smooth, crunchy, juicy and slippery. Mmmmm!

cucumber relish:

This is part of our main course for lunch. Clockwise from top right is semidried tomato and cream cheese stuffed Quesadilla, Upma, a traditional vegetable laced grain dish much loved all over India, our mock crab cakes, and a zesty corn salsa.

lunch time:

A splendid time was had by all.
Posted by Kurma on 7/5/06; 2:11:51 AM

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