Sounds Fishy to Me


I. from Sydney asks: “Is there any truth to the fish oil story? We supposedly get omega 3 fatty acids from it. As I am vegetarian myself, I was just wondering what the best sources are… thanks, I.”

My reply: If we believe the scientists, then yes, it appears true that we need omega-3. Fish oils supplies it adequately. But I sure don’t want to eat fish oil!

Unrefined, fresh, organic flaxseed oil is the easiest and best source for a vegetarian. Flaxseed oil contains more Omega-3 than any other source at a whopping 55%. Citing the potential for lower blood lipid levels of Omega-3 in vegetarians, the American Dietetic Association has taken the written position that “it is recommended that vegetarians include a good source of ALA in their diet.” The Association goes on to list flaxseed oil as the richest source of ALA. more…
Posted by Kurma on 16/10/06; 8:55:39 AM

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