Reporting for Duty

My Victorian teaching circuit continues. Here’s some photographic evidence of yesterday’s Seymour adventure.

Our menu:

Vegetarian World Food

Syrian Roast Pepper, Walnut & Pomegranate Molasses Dip (Muhammara) with Grilled Ciabatta & Vegetable Crudites

Melange of Seasonal Vegetables, Mung Beans & Basmati Rice (Khichari) with Minted Bedouin Yogurt-Cheese (Labneh), lemon wedges and Hot Griddle-Baked Breads (Chapatis)

Crispy Battered Fillets of Fresh Panir Cheese (Panir Pakoras) with Hot, Sweet & Spicy Tomato Chutney

Saffron-infused Semolina Halava Pudding with Flaked Almonds & Raisins

Our group of students pose for a group photo.

group photo:

It’s chapati rolling time.


Tender puffed and buttered wheat breads.


Our luscious yogurt cheese with fresh mint drizled with local Seymour gourmet olive oil.


My friend Radha Caran fries the fresh battered panir cheese pakoras.

radha caran:

A meal is not complete without a sweet – in this case it’s cardamom and saffron scented halava pudding draped with cool vanilla custard.

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