Our penultimate cookery class here in Ljubljana yesterday was a feast for the senses. Our larger-than-normal class of 16 were one-pointed in their enthusiasm to learn the art of cookery. There were notable recipes in our offering.

holy offering:

I have never seen such a wonderful batch of warm, flaky-pastried samosas made in such record time. And the gulab jamuns were of the much-aspired-after ‘explode-in-the-mouth’ status. Mmmm…a warm, gushing deluge of star-anise-, cardamom-, cinnamon-, and rose-scented syrup.

samosa heaven:

The crew were also united in their gusto in relishing the remains of our humble offering to the Lord of the Universe at lunch time. This picture says it all.


After the late lunch I was coerced into giving the Sunday Feast lecture. I addressed the crowd of 100 about the glories of the food science described in Bhagavad-gita. We finished off the night with some very ecstatic chanting. A splendid day!
Posted by Kurma on 21/8/06; 4:06:03 PM

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