Quinoa – a Cure for ‘Bloggers Block’

Some days I wake up, put on my Blog Hat (sorry, I don’t have a picture) and wonder what on earth I should write about. It’s not a problem when I’m travelling, and visiting wonderful places; but what about when life is just, well, ordinary? Today was one of those days.

My sister-in-law Madavi had written me a few days ago asking, on behalf of a Latina friend, where to find Quinoa in Melbourne. Then, on opening this morning’s mail, I found this enquiry on the same subject. No question, then, about what to write. The Mother Grain has spoken!

Debbie C. from Hong Kong wrote:

“Hello Kurma. Thanks for your informative website. Can you help me? I was wondering if you could tell me what is Quinoa, and how to use it.”

My reply:

Hello Debbie! Quinoa (pronounced keen-wa) has been culivated in the South American Andes for 5000 years. Given the name ‘the mother grain’ by ancient farmers, it was cultivated alongside potatoes as a staple crop, and revered as sacred due to its hardiness, nutritional value, and versatility.

Quinoa in Peru:

Like buckwheat, it is called a grain, but it is technically the fruit of a plant in the Chenopodium family; so it’s perfect to cook on non-grain fasting days. Quinoa is now grown in and exported from Peru and the United States. You’ll find it in well-stocked specialty shops and health-food stores.

Read more, plus recipe…
Posted by Kurma on 7/12/07; 10:32:28 AM

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