Procrastinators of the World Unite!

My Margaret River Cooking Class went well the other day. Here’s the one-and-only photo I had time to take. It was the calm before the culinary storm, and our group of 20 local folks loved it. The photo is below.

I’ve been so busy preparing for my tour that time is short on the blogging front. Tomorrow I pack, and the day after I fly.

I was up bright and early this morning at 1.30am to complete the long awaited and slightly dreaded shopping list marathon. I have to do this for every tour, so I went to bed at 7.30 last night to get my minimum 6 hours sleep ready to face this task.

I have 16 sets of shopping lists, class notes and kitchen equipment lists to write and send out to all the 16 venues of my four-week teaching tour, and it is a very exacting job. Each cookery school and venue has a different requirement – a different menu, and a different type of kitchen; some are well-equipped, some are ill-equipped. Each class will have a different number of students – from 8 to 40; some are demonstration classes, some ‘hands-on’, some are daytime classes, some evening; some are held at cookery schools, some at private homes, and some at colleges and TAFE’s.

Margaret River:

The final fine-tuning has taken me a good part of 3 days, but when it’s done, it’s done, and then I can just pretty much just turn up at the venue to do my class. I like to get the hard stuff out the way before I fly off, then sail smoothly across the country, teaching all the while.

It’s generally not always my nature to do the hard bits first: I can procrastinate a bit, like we all can, and leave things to the last minute, but the hard work has to get done sometime, so it might as well be now. I saw a tee-shirt the other day – “Procrastinators of the world unite – tomorrow!”.

There’s no time for that. Tomorrow is now.
Posted by Kurma on 29/4/06; 5:14:32 AM

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