One of Our Blogs is Down

You may have noticed that my blogs stopped as I departed Africa for London.

That’s the last time I saw my luggage, along with 20,000 other very cheesed-off passengers with missing bags – that’s on British airways alone. And of course I had to stow EVERYTHING as check on – even my computer and all of what is usually my carry-on.

So I am here in Ljubljana, capital of Slovenia, experiencing the bitter sweet taste of renunciation.

How am I writing this? I contacted my blog technician and asked him to published this entry from his home computer.

All I own at the moment is my wallet, the clothes I wore on the plane, my passport and airtickets. Wearing borrowed ill-fitting clothes and writing this letter on a beaten-up, borrowed laptop, I am calling British Airways Munich regularly to track down my stuff.

That’s the news,


Posted by Aniruddha on 16/8/06; 11:21:28 PM

Life and Travel

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