On the Road in Poland

Yesterday’s trip from Warsaw to the Baltic coast ended up taking 8 hours. Quite a long haul on pretty bad Polish roads – 550 kilometres all up. No autobahns here!

Here’s a beautiful statue of Garuda, the Divine Bird Carrier of Vishnu. He sits in this pose of prayer in the garden in front of the Warsaw Hare Krishna Temple. I took this picture just before leaving, and asked for Garuda’s blessings for a safe journey.

sri garuda:

We did a quick drive-through of Warsaw on the way North. Here’s one of the very spacious squares in this very large stately city.


The route North was varied – woods, lakes, agricultural fields, little villages, big towns – the whole range one would expect in a trans-country drive.


Here we are, just a few kilometres to journey’s end. Oh, those unpronouncable place names!

almost there:
Posted by Kurma on 10/7/06; 3:25:30 PM

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