Old Stomping Grounds

I’m back in Melbourne, specifically the Hare Krishna Temple in Albert Park, my ‘old stomping grounds’. Just for a couple of days, mind you, before returning to home-base, Perth.

Melbourne  Hare Krishna Temple:

I’ll have a little over 2 weeks in Perth before packing again for my European mega-tour commencing in Belgium at the end of this month.

inside Melbourne Temple:

I was wondering actually what the term ‘stomping grounds’ referred to. So I looked in up and it said ‘your home place, or place of birth, where you did a lot of ‘stomping’ or walking around.’ Well I wasn’t born here, but I did a fair bit of walking around here from 1975-2000. That’s almost half my life. And that included lots of chanting and dancing on those pristine marble and onyx floors, above. So I guess the term is most appropriate.
Posted by Kurma on 9/6/06; 4:26:51 AM

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