Old Stomping Grounds

On the invitation of Hare Krishna Temple President Aniruddha Dasa, I’m in Albert Park, Melbourne for a week. I’ll be participating in the downtown Moomba parade this coming Monday, and a lavish festival at the Temple next Wednesday celebrating, on the full moon day (purnima means full moon in Sanskrit) the ancient observance Sri Gaura Purnima, with fasting, feasting and chanting.

The Commonwealth Games start here next week, on that very day of the temple festival, but I won’t be paying them too much attention.

festival poster:

So it’s a bit of a holiday for me, no cooking, no teaching, just catching up with old friends and enjoying the wonderful spiritual and cultural facilities in Australia’s nicest Hare Krishna Temple. I’ll keep you posted.
Posted by Kurma on 10/3/06; 4:51:15 PM

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