Not Happy, Kurma!


I received this letter last night, from D.B. in Melbourne. She probably wouldn’t approve of me publishing her letter, but it’s been rendered anonymous:

“Kurma, I was shocked and disappointed with yesterday’s blog entry of Shakespearean Insults. I was under the impression you were a spiritually-minded man, but seeing this side of you has made me quite disappointed. I don’t think it’s very appropriate of you to publish this sort of scurrilous stuff on your blog.”

My response:

“Well, what to do? I find laughter very medicinal, and I laughed out loud with that list. I really don’t intend to use any of those insults against anyone. I just thought it was ok to have a laugh now and again. But being a bit of an artless, boil-brained gudgeon, I guess I miscalculated”.
Posted by Kurma on 19/12/06; 11:21:48 AM

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