Mother’s Day at Bell’s Beach

I spent Mother’s Day teaching a cookery class in the home of Rachel and Brian at their spectacular home at Bell’s Beach on Victoria’s Southern Coast. Brian is the founder of the famous Ripcurl surfing/beach fashion empire. It started humbly in Torquay in the 1970’s and has now become an international company with hundreds of branches around the globe.

The beautiful grounds surrounding their home testify to Brian and Rachel keen landscaping and gardening skills.

manicured lawns:

Twenty-three ladies and one man attended the session. Rachel printed special aprons for the occasion.

This is our lone gentleman, Tony, sporting one of the aprons. He is a Bowen Therapist who also runs the Health Food Store in nearby Torquay. Tony was an avid and ever-helpful participant. I gave him all the hard jobs like frying the panir cheese, juicing lemons and cooking the breads, which he executed with a permanently cheeky smile.


Our ebullient crew were enthusiastic from start to finish, helping prepare an Indian-themed lunch consisting of 9 specially chosen dishes.

getting started:

In three hours we cooked quite a spread. The oven-roasted cauliflowers with snow peas and cashews were one of my favourites, as were the cumin and ginger-scented hot, sweet and spicy eggplant pickles.

quite a spread:

My favourite was the famous Matar Panir, juicy chunks of tender fried panir cheese nestling in a spicy melange of tomato and green peas.

matar panir:

Our rose, cardamon, cinnamon and star anise scented confections, the famous gulab jamuns, caused quite a sensation.

gu.. gu.. gulabs!:

Here is our lovely host Rachel, wearing her Punjabi outfit for the occasion.

Rachel our host:

Here’s another happy punter.


Events like this bring out the ‘paparazzi within’. I couldn’t miss the opportunity for a group shot. This was the nicest home event I have ever attended.

the gang at bells:
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