Mother Nature’s Gifts

You may know that I have moved, and doing some house-sitting at present, where I ponder my future.

Took a tour of the garden today and discovered some wonderful gifts of Mother Bhumi, our earth-mother who generously bestows a bounty of gifts: Rose bushes redolent with fragrant red blooms, papaya trees in fragrant flower, a fig tree bowing with almost-ripe plump fruits, a handsome pomegranate tree with some healthy immature fruits, a number of exquisitely fragrant frangipani trees, and a chili-bush that defies botanical identification. Can anyone recognise these purple chilies?


I’ll take a few shots of the fresh figs when they are ripe. Quite impressive – oozing with red syrup.
Posted by Kurma on 8/2/06; 7:48:26 AM

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