I had a ball at today’s Melbourne Moomba Parade. Despite the inclement weather conditions at daybreak (torrential rain and ominous black clouds) the weather held out and nary a drop fell on the 60 participating groups and 200,000 audience.

off we go:

The Melbourne Hare Krishnas did what they’re best at – singing and dancing in the street, chanting the Hare Krishna Mantra. I led the chanting and felt the usual ‘frisson’ as we bounded down Swanston Street.

kirtan 1:

The audience response was very encouraging, with waving cheering and singing along with the mantra, which is almost a household name.


After an ebullient hour we pulled in to the park adjoining the Yarra for a group photograph, and then bussed home, tired little teddy bears, for lunch.

Posted by Kurma on 13/3/06; 6:08:17 PM

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