Mango & Strawberry Crisp

It’s icy cold, and stormy here in Melbourne, with gale force winds, but not to worry – today I return to Perth. That’s not to say it’s any warmer there, but it usually is.

Pleasant meteorological conditions make life more easy-going, but ultimately though, temporary aberrations in weather will not distract me from my task at hand: my 6-week Australian teaching tour is over, it’s time to get back, unpack, sort my life and refocus. There will be tons of ‘hard mail’, a myriad small tasks, unexpected changes, and serious planning for my overseas adventure that begins in a couple of weeks. Summer in Europe! A pleasant thought…


I found this recipe in someone’s cookery blog this morning and I thought it sounded nice. There are no quantities, just ideas. It has nothing to do with my current train of thought.

If anyone of my readers in the world are experiencing mango season right now (India is, I think) give this one a try. Record the quantities and let me know the result. You could miss out the strawberries.

‘Just mix brown sugar, rolled oats, white flour, cardamom and butter – put it on top of sliced mangoes and strawberries in a baking dish and bake on 190 celcius for 20 mins or so. Served warm with vanilla ice cream.’
Posted by Kurma on 11/6/06; 6:29:12 AM

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