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Now that I have your attention….

Jacqui asks:

“Hello Kurma! If, when making a bechamel sauce, the sauce turns out too runny (this has happened to me several times) is there anything I can do to thicken it (without it becoming lumpy), or is it best just to start making the sauce again from scratch?”

My answer:

Best is to start again, but I have successfully thickened a bechamel. What I suggest is to mix more flour with melted butter, warm it as you normally would, then add milk by briskly whisking them together, then place the original sauce back on a very low heat, whisk the extra thickener into it, and cook it some more. That will work. By the way, your classic bechamel should only coat a spoon, as in the picture above.
Posted by Kurma on 20/10/06; 4:03:55 AM

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