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The idea of travelling the country, and the world, and teaching in many exciting places certainly sounds glamorous to some. It certainly does have it’s highlights.

This is what I do, and I am certainly not complaining. But living out of a suitcase for weeks and months at a stretch, despite staying in the most luxuriant of surrounds, can be rather challenging. I’ve been on the road for close to 7 months so far this year, and it hasn’t ended yet.

So it is no small a thing when I receive letters of appreciation from those I have taught. This week I’ve received a number of them. They make my austerities all the more worthwhile. It’s good to know that what I do is being appreciated. Here’s another batch of letters, all received yesterday:

“Hello Kurma, Thanks again for a fantastic evening at Foodstuff. S. and I really enjoyed it. Although Sydney doesn’t seem to appreciate you fully (you should be booked out here indefinitely!!!) we are certainly looking forward to being entertained, enlightened & most importantly….fed. PS – Next time you need a chauffeur in Sydney, I’d be more than happy to help out. Kind regards, Matthew.”

“Hi there, I just wanted to say thanks for great night at Foodstuff. I found the night a real buzz and last night cooked my family the complete meal you demonstrated. Result? All they could say was ‘Wow!. Your passion for what you do is fantastic and combined with the hard work of Mark and Louise from Foodstuff you made the night one I shall remember. Thank you, Peter.”

“A wonderful night – fantastic food. I have been a Kurma devotee since first acquiring your cookbook around 15 years ago. We (my husband and I) have watched all your shows, and finally got to see you ‘in the flesh’. We vegetarians also like good food, so it’s nice to have someone out there who is also passionate about what they eat. Thanks, Helen.”
Posted by Kurma on 28/10/06; 6:55:14 AM

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