Kolobrzeg Day 3 – The Finale

The last festival day in this vibrant city of Kolobrzeg – the largest in the Baltic sea coast region – was attended by huge crowds. National Polish radio and television had already broadcast reports of the Indian Ambassador’s visit, and of the grand wedding to be conducted in the city square. TV crews were filming the event. Thousands were already packing the festival site by the time the festivities started at 5.00pm.

The Indian Ambassador to Poland, His Excellency Anil Wadhwa, flew from Warsaw especially for the festival, and arrived as we were making last minute preparations for my cookery class. I was introduced to him outside my tent.


We spoke for a while, and I invited him to attend my cookery class that evening. He told me he had some meetings with the mayor but he would try to come.

Anil Wadhwa:

The wedding went very well. The bride’s parents flew from Budapest, and the crowds of onlookers – the biggest ever at the festival site – were enchanted.


I was impressed again at the calibre of my audience for both classes – older, educated and well informed. His Excellency (below, right) did attend. He enjoyed my raspberry halava, and laughed along with my jokes.

evening class:
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